Large Animal Services

Farm visits are provided for beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats, swine, horses/ donkeys, alpacas, and more exotic species by special arrangement. We are able to provide routine on site surgeries for farm animals such as castration, C-sections, abomasopexys, and laceration repair as well as some non-routine surgeries. Same day test results for routine blood work are available for some species and our X-ray machine is readily portable for farm call use.

We can offer our equine patients professional dentistry exams and treatment with referrals for extractions if necessary. Health checks, Coggins certificate blood work, vaccinations, farm management consults, lameness examinations, colic treatment etc are also provided.

Our licensing body, the College of Veterinarians of Ontario, has mandated yearly farm consultations by our large animal veterinarians in order to maintain an on going veterinary/client-patient relationship which allows the veterinarian to dispense various medications to the client during the year. It ensures that the veterinarian is familiar with the farm husbandry practices, physical structures such as housing/ feed storage etc, management and environmental issues, nutritional and production concerns and its livestock.

For cattle, sheep and goats, routine procedures such pregnancy diagnosis, parasite control and diagnosis, nutritional and herd management consultations are available as well as diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and afflictions.

For more information regarding our large animal/farm services please contact one of our large animal veterinarians.

To book a farm call please phone 705-782-6225.